Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And The Fun Continues

Sorry about the lack of posts, I guess I've just been too busy having fun! The past few weekends have been packed with excitement.
For the July 4th weekend I flew home to be with my family. It was such a blast- boating, Carrie Underwood, Salt Lake Temple with my mom. Unfortunately the only picture I managed to snap was this glamor pose in front of the temple. It was a short trip, but well worth it.

The following weekend I met up with my friend Joe from BYU who's been in Pittsburgh for an internship. We went to Hershey Park. It reminded me a little of Lagoon, only with better roller coasters. I haven't been on a roller coaster for a few years and I've been dying to go.

This past weekend the YSAs took a bus down to Washington D.C. I decided I absolutely love that city. There is so many cool things to see there and it's full of buildings that look like this:

As much as I love New York, I must say that if I had to move to a big city I'd probably choose D.C.
Considering it was only a day trip I got to see most of the things I had hoped: the National Archives (with the original Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution), The National Museum of American History (which has to be one of my favorite museums- they have an awesome Lincoln display) and of coarse, the Monuments and memorials. It was a very HOT and exhausting day, but well worth it!

Being in D.C. made me really grateful for the amazing history of our country and all the people who have given so much for freedom and the great life I enjoy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love NY

Having actually lived in New York, I feel that I am someone who can legitimately wear the I heart NY t-shirt. I love New York so much that as I caught my first glimpse of the city I almost cried. I'm not sure why, exactly. There are so many different feelings and memories attached to that place. I was fortunate enough to serve in the best mission in the world. Other people might tell you there's was the best, but seriously, what can out do New York City?
I drove down to Philadelphia and caught the bus into New York. I was kind of hoping I'd be able to find someone to go with me, but who wants to go to NYC only to visit Harlem and the Bronx and spend time chatting with a bunch of Spanish people? No one living in PA really crosses my mind. So I was brave and headed in all by myself. The only part I was nervous about was actually getting into the city. I think the only intimidating thing about being in the actual city was being the only white person when I went up to Harlem and the Bronx. When you're a missionary with a companion it doesn't bother you that much, but when you're the only white girl on the entire bus or subway car you can feel people looking at you funny. I was just used to being looked at funny anywhere I went with the missionary tag.
It was so crazy to be in the city again, especially not as a missionary! I looked down at myself on the subway and realized I'd never worn jeans or been by myself the entire time I was in New York. I kept feeling like I should contact people. I would look around to see who I would have tried to contact.It was surprising to me the difference between being a missionary and being a "normal" person. For one thing, everything seemed dirtier than I even remembered. I think I must have just become desensitized. There seemed to be more graffiti and trash and just general filth in the Bronx than before. I found myself feeling very grateful for the blessed life I have. Seeing teenagers made me feel this way especially, because really, what kind of chance do they have at life when the grow up in that kind of environment? I also forgot just how hot it gets!
Ok, on to more interesting things like pictures. I could ramble on and on forever about the mission and my feelings being back in New York, but I will try to spare you, especially since I can't find an adequate way to put all my thoughts and emotions into words. I have to confess that I didn't take many pictures because I was slightly nervous about busting out my camera in the ghetto.
The first thing I did in New York was meet up with one of my greenies for lunch. It was really fun to see her again. She was my last companion and an amazing missionary. In some ways I feel like I was just with her, and in other ways it seems like a lifetime ago. She only has 4 months left on her mission! Time goes by so fast.

After the sisters had shared a "message" with me I headed up to Harlem. I didn't have time to visit anyone there (hopefully I can do that on another trip), but I really just wanted to see the area again. A few things had changed, but it was mostly just how I remembered it. It was so weird to be walking the same streets as I had before, especially because I think of it so much. There were some days I thought I couldn't go on (from hunger, heat, fatigue, discouragement etc.) so it was kind of neat being there and realizing I had made it through and I've lived to tell the tale. I also got free coco helado (coconut ice cream) from a vendor we had kind of made friends with. I'm not sure if she remembered me specifically or just figured I must be one of the old sisters since I was white and spoke Spanish.
I took a bus ride through Harlem and headed over to the Bronx where I met up with Ruben, my last convert in the Bronx (technically he got baptized a week after I left). He was kind enough to escort me around the Bronx so I didn't have to do it alone. I probably would have been fine, but I think people were less likely to mess with me with him there (although we probably looked funny since he's Mexican and a good 6 inches shorter than me).

We headed over to the Ramirez family, who are my favorite family from the mission. They were amazing! Even though they're not active now, for various reasons, they still love me and my old companion. It was really nice to see them. Hermana Ramirez cooked me my favorite Dominican food.

They are the kindest, most generous people. I love them with all my heart and hope they find their way back to church.

My last stop was Fernando. He was an awesome convert who called for a Book of Mormon. His family loved us, but he was the only one who joined the church. He's a Dominican giant (most Hispanics are short, but not Fernando). He's a very sweet man.

He would always give us McDonald's chicken nuggets and a vanilla milkshake and yesterday was no exception. It started out kind of as a joke- they teased us about how Dominican's have all this great food and Americans have McDondalds. I was stuffed from the Ramirez's but I ate it anyway. It made me feel like a true missionary. It's a miracle I didn't gain more weight as a missionary! People were constantly giving us food.
The trip went really smoothly. I never got lost, mugged or hit on! The only hitch was my bus home was an hour late (at least I didn't miss it!) I didn't get home until 2 am though! Luckily church didn't start until 1. Oh, and I survived my first time teaching primary.
I feel so blessed that I was able to serve a mission. It was the best experience of my life. It was definitely hard, but infinitely worth it. I miss it all the time. I am so lucky that I got to go back and visit.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Some of my weekend plans ended up falling through so at the last minute I decided to take a trip down to Gettysburg. It ended up being about a 45 minute drive from my hotel, not too bad really. I have to admit that I didn't really know much about why Gettysburg was so famous so it made for a good learning experience. It was quite a sobering experience to really think about how much people sacrificed to unite our country. I am really grateful to those brave people and I take it for granted way too often.
I've decided that I'm not a huge museum person. I tried to be, but after half an hour or so, I get kind of bored. So I mostly watched the movies they had playing about the 3 different days of battle and the aftermath. I had never really considered the toll that battle had on the residence of Gettysburg. After the battle was over and the soldiers had moved on, the town was full of dead bodies, horses, damaged property etc. They said it took generations for it to return to normal.
After I saw the movies and went through the museum, I went on the driving tour that takes you around to the different sites of the battle. I'm not much of a picture taker, but in honor of my blog I snapped a couple of shots.

This is the actual town of Gettysburg. You can't tell from this picture, but the most distinct feature to me was a church steeple, which I thought was kind of appropriate.

This was an observation tower you could climb. It was really hot and humid, which made me not want to go up all those stairs, but the view was worth it.

All the states that fought in the battle have their own little monuments and then Pennsylvania's is HUGE (of course).

I had to get one picture to prove that I was actually there (even if it isn't a very flattering one).

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I wouldn't say I'm the artistic type, but I'm actually pretty pleased with how this mug I painted turned out. I've been to Color-Me-Mine several times before and always have had the problem of my piece not turning out quite the way I envisioned it in my mind. This time, to avoid that disappointment, I didn't envision the finished product at all and just kind of went with it. I should do that more often. In fact, maybe that's a good philosophy in life. I mean, how often does anyone's life turn out the way they envision?
You have to pardon my photography skills. The inside and bottom of the mug are the coolest part, and also the most difficult to capture.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Historic Kirtland

So my bravery paid off and the YSA trip to Kirtland was great. John Bytheway was the speaker which was entertaining, of course. I also went to my first real dance since being home from my mission (it's only been 9 months). The best part of the trip though was Sunday. Sunday we got to have sacrament meeting INSIDE the Kirtland temple in the very room where Christ, Moses, Elias etc. all appeared. It was so cool to be in the actual room looking at the very spot Jesus was. It really confirmed my testimony, because sitting there I didn't have any doubt that it really happened. Later that day we took a tour of the Newell K. Whitney store. It's actually a really neat place and a lot happened there. Joseph and Emma lived upstairs and the school of the prophets was in this small room up there (I couldn't imagine fitting all those men in it). Christ appeared there too. The store still has the original doorway, which is the same door where Joseph Smith walked in and said "Newell K. Whitney, thou art the man. You have prayed me here, what do you want with me," (or something like that).
I also became good friends with a girl named Brillante (said Bree-YAWN-teh, it's Spanish). She just got back from her mission a month ago so we had a lot in common. I feel bad for the people in the car with us because we were those annoying people who talk about their mission all the time. It was really fun to find someone I could totally connect with and relate to and who wouldn't get annoyed by talking about the mission. She's the one in the pictures with me.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life Outside the Bubble

I am happy to report that I am loving life on the East Coast.
First of all, my job is good. I'm mostly working in the lab doing product development and making up samples to send to customers. The company I work for, Dairiconcepts, makes cheese and cream ingredients that go to other companies who then use it in finish products (like hot pockets and that kind of thing.) They use enzymes and other techniques to make their cheese products super strong (up to 10x the strength of normal cheese). The guys I work with are pretty relaxed and easy going. One of them has actually asked me a lot of questions about the church and my mission. It's been nice to have missionary opportunities.

Secondly I am so lucky to have my cousin and his family live about 20 minutes away. They have totally opened up their home to me and I've spent quite a bit of time with them. Clayton is finishing up his third year of medical school and he and his wife Katie have 3 little kids. They are so fun to hang out with, and it's been kind of cool to have an inside look into marriage and family life. It's good to have a realistic view of what it's like instead of this undefined "happily ever after" thing. Clay and Katie are such a good example of a good couple and great parents. I feel really at home with them, so I've managed not to get lonely yet.

Since I am doing brave things like moving across the country I've decided to continue my adventure outside my comfort zone. I wouldn't say I'm shy, but I'm a bit of a home body and I don't really like hanging out with big groups of people, especially when I don't know anyone very well. When I first got here people were telling me about the ysa trip to Kirtland, Ohio at the end of May. It sounded cool, but I didn't think I'd actually go because I don't know anyone and you also had to make your own hotel arrangements and it sounded like most people had already booked their rooms. I asked around and found a room that had an extra spot, but I still felt kind of nervous about going on such a big trip where I didn't know anyone. Luckily I made a friend at institute this week so I was able to convince myself to go. She just got home from her mission a month ago and doesn't really know anyone either. Her mom signed her up for this trip before she got home. It worked out perfectly. I just feel a connection with returned sister missionaries. I think it will be a really cool trip. We leave Friday and come back Sunday night. John Bytheway is the guest speaker so it should be a blast.
Then this weekend I also went out with a random group of ysas. I was really tempted to just stay home and watch a movie, or go to my cousins, but I decided I need to get out and actually live my life. So I drove down to York (a city about 30 minutes south of Harrisburg- it reminded me a little of the Bronx) and met up with a small group to eat dinner and go swing dancing. Not very many people came, and 2 of the 3 other girls there are still in high school (yeah I feel old) but I still had a really good time and was glad that I went. It was funny though, because I'm definitely not used to going to dances or anything where the majority of people are non-members. This one guy at the dance place asked me to dance 2 dances and then invited me to another swing dance party this week in a bar/club in Harrisburg. I found it kind of amusing, like something from a movie where a guy hits on a girl and invites her to some party. I declined (well, I told him I'd look it up on facebook...right). He was probably one of the best looking guys there, but that's not saying much. Even if it was saying something, I still would never get THAT far out of my comfort zone- it's dangerous out there!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

The "living room"

My walk-in closet. It connects off the bathroom and also has a door into the hallway in the kitchen.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So yesterday I woke up at 4:15 am, drove to the airport, boarded a plain and flew across the country by myself. I felt very brave, very adult-like. I had a layover in Detroit and managed to find my gate, which not only was different than the one on the ticket, but was on the complete other side of the airport. It was a very long walk, especially considering my 20 lb. bag I brought as a carry-on. My suitcase weighed 50 lbs. exactly and to avoid paying an extra $35 to check another bag, I opted to put all my heavy things in a carry-on. I didn't think it would be that bad, but remind me to take a carry-on with wheels next time!
Everything went pretty smoothly, and my plane even got to Detroit almost half an hour early. However, in Detroit Delta was having some serious problems and I ended up getting to Harrisburg an hour late. Apparently our plane was in a "weight critical condition", which sounds kind of scary. They had to kick a couple people off the plane. So it took about half an hour for them to sort all that out, and then we were on the runway about another half an hour waiting for the control tower to give us a new route or something.
Eventually I made it to PA and my bosses were there waiting. They were much younger than I expected. They both seem really nice and fun. It should be a good summer. I'm looking forward to starting at my new job on Monday.
I was dropped off at my hotel-that's right, I'm spending three months in a hotel- and that included maid service and a continental breakfast. It's a pretty nice set up. I have a tiny little kitchen (which unfortunately doesn't have an oven, I guess I'll be having a lot of microwave dinners), a big closet, colorful walls, a cool green chair, a queen size bed, a bathroom all to myself... it will be nice, if not a little lonely. I have never lived alone before. I'm interested to see what it will be like. So far it's very quiet and very...clean.
Once I got up to my room I started unpacking a little, then realized I was starving. The most decent thing I had eaten that day was a bagel at 6 am and a couple of pop-tarts in the airport. Those pretzels they served on the plane didn't do much to satisfy my hunger. So I headed to Target (the company gave me a $50 gift card there). I was pleased to find that it was pretty close to the hotel, and I managed to get there without getting lost (they had a little direction card at the front desk, which obviously helped). It's hard going grocery shopping from scratch. Hopefully I bought things that will go together and make a meal. I ended up spending $90 (not just on food- I had to buy some hangers, shampoo, nylons etc.) so I was grateful that the gift card covered over half of it. When I got back to the hotel I was determined to make it up to my room on the fourth floor in one trip. I'm not sure it was worth it- I mean I had $90 worth of stuff. Opening doors and hitting elevators wasn't an easy task. I wish I could have seen how ridiculous I looked.
I thought getting up so early would help cure me of jet lag, but I didn't feel tired. I watched 27 Dresses (which was the last movie I saw before my mission) on TV 'til late and though I still didn't feel very tired I got in bed and tried to sleep. Maybe it's just hard to sleep in a new place alone... especially a hotel room. Despite the woman at the front desk telling me the fourth floor is the quietest there sure seemed to be a lot of people walking around in the hallway last night.
As I knelt down to pray last night I found myself feeling very grateful for the gospel. It is such a constant in my life, and it is comforting to know that I am not alone. I'm no further away from Heavenly Father here than I was at home in Utah. I got a blessing from my dad the night before I left and it really pointed out the importance of the Spirit. It really is such a comforting reassurance to know that the Spirit is always with me to guide me. It makes me feel safe. I can't imagine living my life without it. It was also nice to open up my Book of Mormon and read from the same spot as I had left off the night before, even though my surroundings were so different. Maybe that seems strange, but it's just nice to have an anchor like that in my life. I'm excited to go to church tomorrow.
My camera battery is charging, but I'll take some pictures and post them tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Timer

I have finally broken down and decided to create a blog. Normally my life is rather boring and while every life may be worth writing about, mine certainly isn't worth reading about. However, as I am about to jet off to Pennsylvania alone for a summer internship life is bound to become slightly more exciting and perhaps even worth reading about (well, at least for my mom).