Thursday, June 3, 2010

Historic Kirtland

So my bravery paid off and the YSA trip to Kirtland was great. John Bytheway was the speaker which was entertaining, of course. I also went to my first real dance since being home from my mission (it's only been 9 months). The best part of the trip though was Sunday. Sunday we got to have sacrament meeting INSIDE the Kirtland temple in the very room where Christ, Moses, Elias etc. all appeared. It was so cool to be in the actual room looking at the very spot Jesus was. It really confirmed my testimony, because sitting there I didn't have any doubt that it really happened. Later that day we took a tour of the Newell K. Whitney store. It's actually a really neat place and a lot happened there. Joseph and Emma lived upstairs and the school of the prophets was in this small room up there (I couldn't imagine fitting all those men in it). Christ appeared there too. The store still has the original doorway, which is the same door where Joseph Smith walked in and said "Newell K. Whitney, thou art the man. You have prayed me here, what do you want with me," (or something like that).
I also became good friends with a girl named Brillante (said Bree-YAWN-teh, it's Spanish). She just got back from her mission a month ago so we had a lot in common. I feel bad for the people in the car with us because we were those annoying people who talk about their mission all the time. It was really fun to find someone I could totally connect with and relate to and who wouldn't get annoyed by talking about the mission. She's the one in the pictures with me.


  1. thanks for giving into my demands! it looks/sounds like you had fun!

  2. hey angela! I can't believe you are on the east coast by your self, you are a brave girl. I am excited that you have a blog... it will be fun to keep up!


  3. I, too, visited the Kirtland area recently and saw many of the same sites, including the John Johnson farm further south. It is great to be able to visit the Church history sites.